Hospitality and tourism

The attractiveness of the Italian territory is still an asset of great value for the development of hospitality and tourism activities in our country. Art and cultural heritage, natural beauty, and food & wine represent attractions for tourists and facilitate the success of companies that host them and their products/services. All this has certainly been an important driver for the development of the industry over the years. However it has lead companies and professionals to become less proactive, since they were used to obtain positive results regardless of the quality of their strategies. Today, in a much more competitive context, to regain momentum to the industry it is necessary to give centrality to the strategy and the quality of decisions, both at the company level and in terms of destinations.

MCCrescendo, who has matured in these years significant experience in the field of Hospitality and Destination Management, is the ideal partner: i) for entrepreneurs engaged in the hospitality industry that want to reposition their structure and strengthen the managerial tools at the base of decision making ii) for foreign investors who are interested in hotel acquisition or management in Italy iii) for institutions and local authorities which are involved in the establishment of a tourism development plan.